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Texting While Driving – Part 4 – Oprah’s Distracted Driving Episode – Sad Reminder

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

While doing research for this series on texting while driving, we were reminded just how dangerous distracted driving is and how quickly a tragic accident can happen.

There are numerous shocking texting while driving videos on the web, but we wanted to find a video that would share with you the stories behind the tragedies. This video clearly shares the pain people feel when they have lost a loved one in a texting while driving accident. It also shares the sorrow and remorse felt by someone who was the cause of a tragedy.


Although you may have seen this episode on texting while driving, which aired in January, 2010, it will have the same affect on you the second and third time you watch it. We encourage you to share this video with your loved ones.

Please do not text and drive.