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Summer Safety – Part 2 – Swimming and Pool Safety

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Pools are a great place for summertime fun. Unfortunately, pools can also be the scene of very serious accidents. Over 3,500 people died last year from unintentional drowning accidents alone.

Here are some basic tips to review with your family to help keep everyone safe.

Dangers to children

Children are always at the greatest risk of having a swimming accident. Following a few easy rules could make all the difference.

Keep toys, towels, chairs or anything that can easily trip someone away from the edge of the pool. Slip and fall accidents occur easily enough on the wet surface surrounding a pool.

Although it seems like common sense, keep tricycles, bikes, Power-Wheels, and skateboards off of the pool deck. Children can accidentally ride these into the pool and could quickly turn a carefree joyride into a tragedy.

Additional dangers

It seems basic but keeping electrical appliances away from the water can avoid many deadly situations. Also, know the depth of the water and do not allow any diving into shallow water.

Precaution can outweigh the tragic effects of an accident at the pool.