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Summer Safety – Part 4 – Auto/Pedestrian Safety

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Long walks through the park and picnics by the lake are all a part of a great summer experience. But being on foot makes you susceptible to dangers you may not suspect. There are nearly 20,000 pedestrian related accidents per year.

Our New York pedestrian accident attorneys have come up with a few tips to keep you and your family safe.

Follow the golden rule

Look both ways before crossing. We know you’ve heard it before (from teachers, family and friends) but this is the single most important rule of pedestrian safety. Before crossing any road, even one-way streets, look to the left first, then right, and left again. While you’re walking across the street, continue to look both ways. Also, try to be predictable. It’s easier for drivers to know your patterns if you cross at legal crosswalks rather than crossing in the middle of the road.

Stay Wary

There are many pedestrian accidents that happen at crosswalks. The best advice is to take a second look before attempting to cross the street. It’s important to remain defensive, much like you do when you’re driving. Don’t assume a driver sees you. Make eye contact and ensure that they know you’re present before making any movements toward the road.

It’s a Two Way Street

Although pedestrians have an obligation to be aware of their surroundings, drivers can also reduce accident risk by doing a few simple things.

When driving up to a cross-walk, move cautiously and look to all entry points for pedestrians. Whenever you see a pedestrian in a cross-walk be sure to stop even if there are no signs telling you to do so. Finally, when braking suddenly for a pedestrian, be sure to check your mirrors for oncoming cars behind you or to your sides.

Your summer should be full of fun, spending time with family and friends. Keep you and your loved ones safe by following these simple tips. Watch the pedestrian related accidents video