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Cellino & Barnes Donates $21,500 to Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Cellino & Barnes has donated $21,500 to Roswell Park Cancer Institute in support of pediatric cancer research and family support programs through Carly’s Club. At the beginning of the 2010-2011 National Hockey League season, Cellino & Barnes pledged to make a gift for every game won by the Buffalo Sabres.

The Sabres won 43 games during the 2010-2011 season. Ross Cellino, partner of the firm, visited Roswell Park Cancer Institute today to present the check. (more…)

New Safety Recommendations for Child Car Seats

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

A recent article published in the New York Times states that there are new recommendations for rear-facing car seats for older toddlers as well as new  recommendations for booster seats.

According to the article, toddlers are often switched from rear-facing car seats to forward-facing seats prematurely. ­The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), issued a statement based on a 2007 study done by the University of Virginia. According to the article, children under the age of two are seventy-five percent less likely to endure severe or fatal injuries in an auto accident if car seats are facing the rear. (more…)

Cellino & Barnes – Toyota Recalls 400,000 Prius and other Hybrid Cars

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Toyota has recalled more than 400,000 Prius and other hybrid cars to replace software that controls the antilock braking system. There have also been several wrongful death Toyota lawsuits filed.  Read more.

Toyota Recall Update – Cellino & Barnes

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is now telling owners of recalled models to park them and not drive them until they can be brought into dealers to have their accelerator pedals repaired.

In addition, Transportation is probing to see if other automakers might have the same problems as Toyotas, if they share similar pedal systems.

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New York Attorneys, Cellino & Barnes, Launch New Website

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

New York Personal Injury law firm Cellino & Barnes has launched a new public website, focused on bringing New York residents enhanced information and tools for Personal Injury services.

The firm has placed significant emphasis on the service components of the website, which gives visitors more than just sales messaging.

“The main goal with the new website was increasing our service to New York residents,” says Ross Cellino. “We have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, and the new site truly showcases our commitment to giving New York residents the information they need, when they need it.”

The content of the website wraps around a search feature. This search feature is unique in that is provides video and text results based on an injury victims search query.  The results include, not only text based information, but video as well.

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Cellino & Barnes Appear on Cover of UB's Philanthropy Magazine

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Buffalo personal injury law firm Cellino & Barnes has presented the University at Buffalo School of Law with a $1 million unrestricted donation. In response, UB Law Philanthropy selected firm attorneys Ross Cellino and Steve Barnes for a cover story in the magazine’s Fall 2009 issue. According to the article, the $1 million gift from Buffalo lawyers Cellino and Barnes is one of the largest cash gifts the law school has ever received.

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Truck Accident Victims Receive $3.25 Million

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Cellino & Barnes – Trial Attorney Michael J. Cooper

Our clients were on the job working as City Garbage Collectors, when their vehicle was t-boned by a truck that ran a red light.

As a result of this truck accident, our clients suffered injuries to their back, knee, neck and head. Both clients underwent spinal fusion surgeries.

Attorney Michael Cooper prepared the cases for trial and hired some of the best experts in the country, including accident reconstruction experts.  As a result of his thorough preparation, the insurance companies, on the eve of trial, finally agreed to his settlement demand of $1.75 million and $1.5 million, respectively.

“Michael Cooper’s  thorough preparation and determination to proceed to trial was a key to the outcome of this case,” stated Ross Cellino.

Niagara Falls Teen Killed in Car Crash

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


Aug. 3, 2009.  A Niagara Falls teen was killed and three others were injured after the vehicle they were traveling in veered off the road and collided with a concrete water intake.

Police said the car accident happened when the driver of the car lost control of his vehicle, became airborne and hit the water intake, before becoming partially submerged in the Niagara River.

The driver was charged with dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death.

Cellino & Barnes Gives to Juvenile Diabetes

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

During the 2008-2009 hockey season, Cellino & Barnes partnered with Derek Roy to help support Juvenile Diabetes. Each time Derek scored a goal during the regular season, Cellino & Barnes agreed to donate $1,000 to help fight Juvenile Diabetes.

Cellino & Barnes is proud to announce that Derek Roy scored 28 goals this season, which resulted in $28,000 being donated to Juvenile Diabetes.

Recently, Ross Cellino delivered checks to Mary Ann Fox, Executive Director of the Rochester Chapter and Karen Swierski, Executive Director of the WNY Chapter of Juvenile Diabetes. Each Chapter received a check in the amount of $14,000.

Swimming Pool and Beach Safety Tips

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

At Cellino & Barnes, we believe water safety is very important. Memorial Day weekend is a popular time for many New Yorker’s to open their pools for the swimming season and to gather at area waterways.

The following safety tips may help keep you and your loved ones safer around the pool and at the beach.

 Pool Safety Tips

1. Place a fence or wall around your pool, at least 4 feet high.
2. Keep furniture that could be used for climbing into the pool area away from fences.
3. Don’t leave pool toys and floats in the pool. They may attract young children to the water.
4. Make sure ladders are secured and locked or removed from the pool when not in use.
5. Invest in a pool alarm.
6. Never leave a child unsupervised near a pool.
7. Do not allow a young child in the pool without an adult.
8. Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision.
9. Learn CPR.
10. Keep rescue equipment by the pool, including a telephone.

Beach Safety Tips

1. Learn to swim
2. Swim near a lifeguard
3. Never swim alone
4. Supervise children closely, even when lifeguards are present
5. Don’t rely on flotation devices, such as rafts, you may lose them in the water
6. If caught in a rip current, swim sideways until free, don’t swim against the current’s pull
7. Don’t consume alcohol and then go swimming
8. Don’t dive into unfamiliar waters go feet first
9. If you are in trouble, call or wave for help
10. Ask a lifeguard about the conditions before entering unfamiliar water.