AmTRAN Video Recalls to Repair 42” JVC Flat Panel Televisions Because They Could Potentially Tip Over

About 27,000 JVC 42” flat panel TV’s are being recalled due the neck of the stand potentially cracking. This can cause the TV to tip over unexpectedly, and pose a risk of injury due to the impact.

This recall involves JVC 42-inch, Emerald Series Full HD 1080P LED flat panel televisions, model EM42FTR and serial number beginning with “T”. The flat panel televisions are black with “JVC” printed in the lower center of the television front. Model and serial numbers are located on the bottom left on the back of the television.

JVC has received 16 reports of cracked television neck stands, however no injuries have been reported.  If you are using the neck and base for the TV to stand up, detach it, put the TV in a safe place and contact AmTRAN Video for a replacement stand neck.  If it is mounted on the wall you should request this replacement neck in case it is needed for future use.

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