Snack and Activity Trays for Strollers from Tray Vous are being Recalled due to Strangulation Hazard

About 770 snack and activity trays are being recalled due to a strangulation hazard.  The opening between the tray and stroller seat bottom allows a child’s body to pass through but could trap the head in the opening, which poses a possible strangulation.

The three-piece units include a black plastic tray with a cup holder, a left connector and a right connector.  The tray measures about 15 inches wide by 6 inches deep by .75 inches thick. The left and right plastic connectors measure about 4 inches long by 1.75 inches wide by .75 inches thick and are used to connect the tray to the stroller’s base. “Tray Vous” and “Patent Approved US7942437B2” are printed on a sticker underneath the tray.

If you are using one of these trays immediately remove it and the connectors from the stroller and contact Tray Vous for a free replacement.

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