Potential Failure to Alert Consumers of a Fire Causes ESL & Interlogix Hard-Wired Smoke Alarm Recall

The ESL and Interlogix brand 400 and 500 series smoke detectors are being recalled due to the possibility of radio frequency can cause the detectors to fail to alert the consumer if there is a fire.

This recall involves thirty-three models of the 400 and 500 series Edwards (ESL)-branded and Interlogix smoke detectors hard-wired into a security system. Edwards and Interlogix smoke detectors are identical. The 2-wire or 4-wire detectors are round, white and measure 6 inches across by 2 inches high. The smoke detectors were made for professional installation and used primarily in commercial buildings, schools, hotels/motels, apartments, dormitories and homes as part of the fire alarm system. Recalled units have date codes 13084 through 14059 with the first two digits representing the year, for example: 13 for 2013 and 14 for 2014; and the last three digits representing the day of the year, for example: 084 is the 84th day of 2013, which is March 25, 2013. The initials ESL, the date code and one of the following model numbers are printed on a label on the back of the detector’s cover and on the product’s packaging.

400 series: 429AT, 429C, 429CAD, 429CRT, 429CST, 429CT, 429CTAD, 449AT, 449C, 449CRT, 449CSRH, 449CSRT, 449CST, 449CSTE, 449CT and 449CTE.

500 Series: 511C, 518C, 521B, 521BXT, 521B-10PKDMP, 521B-10PKG, 521BXT-10PKG, 521BXT-DMP-10PKG, 528B, 528CRXT, 541C, 541C-10PKG, 541CXT, 541CXT-10PK and 548C.

No incidents or injuries have been reported with these smoke detectors.  If you think yours has been recalled call your security or fire system provider to determine if any of the units are involved in the recall.  If they are, you will receive free replacement and installation of new detectors.  You should not take the alarms out of service until the replacement alarm has been installed and do not try to remove or replace the parts; only professional installers should remove and replace the units.

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