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Nantucket Distributing Recalls Outdoor Patio Set Chairs Due to Fall Hazard

Friday, August 29th, 2014

The recall includes 4,000 Nantucket Distributing resin wicker outdoor patio set chairs.  The set includes two brown powder coated outdoor metal resin wicker chairs and a round table with aluminum top with brown resin wicker trim. The chairs measures about 23 inches wide by 23 inches deep by 32 inches high. The table measures about 24.75 inches in diameter. The chairs were sold with a hang tag with item number RT043SET.

There have been two reports of the rear chair legs breaking, but no injuries have been reported.  If you have these chairs, return them immediately to any Christmas Tree Shops, andThat!, or Christmas Tree Shops andThat! to receive a full refund for the set or $17.50 for each chair.  These were sold during March  2014 and for the entire set, the price was around $60.

Popkiller Recalls USB Chargers, Adapters and Cables Due to Fire and Electric Shock Hazards

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Around 2,500 Popkiller mini USB car charger power adapters, universal USB power adapters and 8-pin USB data sync charging cables are being recalled. The car charger has model number HHT-001 located on the flat side of the charger below the USB port. The charger measures 2 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter at its widest point. The Universal USB Power adapter has model number A1265 printed directly above the plug blades on the grey surface. The adapter measures 1.5 inches at its longest point and 1 inch wide. There is no model number printed on the 8-pin USB charging cables. All of the recalled products are sold separately and come in the colors red, orange, green, blue, purple and pink.

No incidents or injuries have been reported.  If you have any of these devices, stop using them immediately and either return them to the store where they were purchased or send them into Popkiller Headquarters for a full refund.  These were sold in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California at their retail locations from June 2013 through April 2014 for about $4.50 to $6.50.

Table Lamps From American Signature Recalled Due To Risk of Shock and Fire

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

About 730 26-inch table lamps are being recalled from American Signature due to a risk of shock and fire.   The lamp has a 16-inch tall, rectangular shade and a square dark wood and mirror base with a mirrored circle pattern on the front. A silver on/off dial is on the lower front of the lamp’s base. A label on the underside of the lamp base has “NOVA, Item Number 1010154 and UL E312412.” The description on the customer sales invoice reads, “26” TBL LAMP-MIRROR CIRCLE.”

There have been three reports of the power dial switch on the lamp causing a short to the ground wire or popping a circuit breaker, however, no injuries have been reported.  American Signature is contacting all known consumers directly, and if you have one of these lamps, stop using it, unplug the unit, and return the lamp to the nearest Value City Furniture or American Signature Furniture store for a full refund or store credit equal to their purchase price. These were sold between February 2013 to March 2014 for about $100.

Philips Lighting Recalls Lightolier Glass Lenses Due to Laceration Hazard

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

About 7,500 Philips “Lightolier” brand AF4SY decorative glass lenses used on various types of light fixtures are being recalled. The clear glass lens used to “soften” light with an additional lens layer, is 4 ¾ inches in diameter and 1/8 inch thick. The lenses were manufactured between January 2007 and December 2013. There are no markings on the product. The product number is on the packaging.

There has been one report of the glass breaking, but no injuries have been reported.  If you have one of these light fixtures with the decorative glass lens in this recall immediately remove the recalled glass lens and contact Philips Lighting for a free replacement unit.  These were sold from February 2007 through December 2013 for between $25 and $50 at electrical wholesale distributors nationwide.

Kawasaki Recalls Teryx4 Recreational Off-highway Vehicles Due to Injury Hazard

Monday, August 25th, 2014

The recalled vehicles are 2012 and 2013 Kawasaki Teryx4 750 4×4 recreational off-highway vehicles. The four-wheel drive vehicles have automobile-style controls, side-by-side seating for four people, four doors, a roll bar with hand holds and a cargo bed. The 2012 and 2013 models come in three different styles: non-EPS, EPS and EPS LE.  The LE style has a roof and aluminum wheels. The 2012 models were sold in the colors blue, camouflage, green, red and yellow. The 2013 models were sold in the colors black, camouflage, green, red, white and yellow.

The model name “Teryx4” is on the driver’s side of the hood. For all colors of the EPS model except camouflage, “EPS” appears on the driver and passenger side cowling near the top front corner of the doors. On the EPS LE, “EPS” appears on the driver and passenger side cowling near top front corner of the doors and “LE” appears on the hood on the driver’s side.

Four incidents of debris breaking through the floorboards of the vehicle have resulted in two incidents of injuries to rider’s toes and thighs. If you own one of these vehicles, stop use immediately and contact an authorized Kawasaki dealer to schedule a free repair, which will consist of the installation of floorboard guards.  These were sold for around $13,400 at Kawasaki dealers nationwide from October 2011 through July 2014.

Youth Bicycles sold at Toys “R” Us from Dynacraft Being Recalled due to Fall Hazard

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

About 3,100 Dynacraft Recalls Avigo Youth Bicycles are being recalled due to a fall hazard.  This recall involves 20 inch Avigo Turn N Burn youth bicycles with model number 8107-62. The model number and date of manufacture, “08202013,” are printed on a data label on the frame’s seat tube. The bicycles have a silver frame, blue handlebars and black front fork with blue accents, hand brakes and a kickstand. The serial number can be found etched on the frame on the underside of the bottom bracket shell. Serial numbers included in the recall have:

  • letters “DJFH” followed by a six-digit number between 026588 and 027104, and between 089533 through 090562;
  • or the letters “DJFI” followed by a six digit number between 015107 and 015552, and between 100093 and 101193.

There has been one report of a consumer who fell and sustained scrapes and abrasions when the front wheel detached.  If you have one of these bikes immediately stop riding them and contact Dynacraft for a free repair.  These were sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us both in store and online for between September 2013 and June 2014 for $130.

PetSmart Recalls Top Fin Plastic Aquarium Heaters Due to Electrical Shock Hazard

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

All 50-, 100-, 150-, 200- and 250-watt Top Fin brand plastic aquarium heaters are being recalled from PetSmart.  The heaters are black cylinders about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and about 13 inches tall2.5 in L x 1.9 in W x 13.5 in H. Recalled heaters have model number HT50, HT100, HT150, HT200 or HT250. Lot numbers for the recalled heaters are 1839, 1901, 1903, 1904, 1907, 1908 and 1910. “Top Fin,” “Premium Aquarium Heater,” the model number and the heater’s wattage are printed on the side of the heater near the top. Below that, the lot number is printed beneath the words “Made in China.”

No incidents or injuries have been reported. Consumers should immediately stop using the heater, unplug it, remove it from the aquarium and return it to any PetSmart store for a full refund.  These were sold from March 2014 to April 2014 for between $27 and $37.

Recall from Cycling Sports Group Regarding GT Brand Mountain Bikes Because of Crash & Injury Hazards

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Cycling Sports Group is recalling GT Brand Mountain Bicycles due to potential crash and injury hazards.  This recall involves all 2014 GT Fury Expert and 2014 GT Fury Team downhill mountain bicycles. The recalled Fury Expert model is blue with red and white accents. The recalled Fury Team model is black with lime green and blue accents. The bicycles have front and rear disc brakes, rear shock absorbers and front suspension forks. “Fury” is printed on the top tube and the bottom of the chain stay, the GT logo is on the down tube and the top of the chain stay. The model names are printed in small letters on the top tube of the bicycles just above the word Fury.

There have been five reports of broken hubs, however no injuries have been reported.  If you have one of these recalled mountain bikes, stop riding them immediately and return them to the nearest authorized GT dealer to have the bike repaired.  These were sold at authorized GT dealers from February 2014 to June 2014 for between $4,300 and $6,000.

Oeuf Recalls to Repair Cribs Due to Entrapment Hazard

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Four different models of the Oeuf Sparrow cribs are being recalled.  The cribs were sold in the colors birch, grey, walnut and white. The recalled cribs were manufactured between July 2007 and January 2014 and have one of the following model numbers: 1SPCR, 2SPCR, 4SPCR or 5SPCR. The manufacture date, in the MM-YYYY format, and the model number are located on the warning label attached to the crib’s mattress support.

The company received four reports of the slats/spindles at the top railing of the crib detaching from the crib.  No injuries were reported from the incidents.  If you have a crib that is part of this recall, contact Oeuf to get a free repair kit.  These were sold at independent juvenile specialty stores nationwide and also online for around $800.

High Chairs from Dream On Me Now Recalled Because Of Possible Strangulation and Fall Hazards

Monday, August 18th, 2014

The recall includes Dream On Me Dinah high chairs. The chair has a white plastic tray, plastic footrest and a white fabric five point adjustable safety strap. “Dream On Me” is printed on a label attached to the front of the tray. There is a color-coordinated black and white or red and white fabric storage bin attached to the bottom of the chair legs. The high chair can be folded for storage.

No incidents or injuries have been reported.  If you own one of these high chairs contact Dream On Me for a repair kit.  These were sold exclusively online at and from November 2012 to November 2013 for about $60.