Pedestrian Safety Tips from Our New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Before and after school are peak hours for children to be walking on neighborhood streets and sidewalks. It is important to always remain watchful when driving.

Although children will most often cross streets at cross walks or near their bus stops, many children will simply run across the street in their excitement to get home.

If you are driving in a residential area, or during peak school drive time, we ask that you keep an eye out for children who may dart out to cross the street.

In addition, we recommend you follow these driving safety tips.

  • When making turns (right-hand turns especially) be sure to always check the crosswalk for people and children preparing to cross the street. During peak hours, try to avoid turning right at red traffic lights, especially in areas where children could be present. 
  • Don’t accelerate from a stop before looking both ways to make sure that there aren’t any children trying to make a last-minute dash across the street to catch up with their friends. Children don’t always make rational decisions, so you as the driver need to be prepared for anything. 
  • Keep your eyes on any children riding their bike to and from school. Many are distracted by the music playing on their IPod and may not pay attention to the vehicles around them.

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