Will Red Light Cameras Prevent Auto Accidents?

Recently the New York State Senate passed a bill allowing cameras to be placed at many intersections throughout NYS. These cameras are intended to greatly reduce the number of people running red lights, which will reduce the number of accidents.

The Institute of Highway Safety reports that since cameras were placed at various intersections throughout New York City, drivers running red lights dropped 40% and t-bone accidents dropped by 32%.

Unfortunately, research also shows an increase in the number of rear-end collisions. These collisions are occurring as a result of drivers slamming on their brakes to avoid being ticketed for running the red light.

Although, safety officials are not pleased with the increase in rear-end accidents, they conclude that far fewer serious injuries accidents have resulted.

Cellino & Barnes represents many clients who have suffered serious injuries in rear-end collision accidents. Although placing cameras at intersections is reducing t-bone accidents and saving lives, people need to be aware that there remains a risk for serious injury.

This bill will permit cameras to be placed at intersections on Long Island and in Yonkers, Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo.


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